Friday, 18 February 2011

Religious print making

For this project i will be carrying on with focusing on the face as the main point so i need to touch up on getting the portrait shape accurate (no matter what style)
Above an old art deco painting (great influence)

Without realizing my drawing and painting style is reminiscent to the art deco movement. This realization has given me so many new ideas of how im going to focus on my work. for my latest project a part of it has to do with religion so i believe a jesus head has to be used and its a great time for me to practice this sort of new style. But as u can see i was not concentration and ball'sed up the painting a but.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Xmas split portrait

Old pencil split portrait drawing for an xmas project

rose idea

trying to make my work look fragile

Black ink Face

Black ink study. Lately ive been trying to approach painting portraits in a more unusual fashion. With no black outlines and as little shading as i can get away with is the thought process.